Here's me opening a case of K Rations during some winter re-enactment.

As it just so happens, I'm a printer by profession. Seeing all the fantasy crap that is being offered on the internet as "museum quality reproduction" ration, I decided to produce my own reproduction K Rations. Printed on a real press and die-cut ready to fold and paste. And affordable too.

No more home printed nonsense with dotted lines where to fold, wrong colors, flimsy paperboard, or absurd dimensions. (Oh, the horror!)
My reproductions are based on original K Rations from my own collection or collections from friends.
My goal is to produce sets that include not only the inner and outer boxes, but also the correct wrappings for the contents.

The K Ration kits are up for sale!

I'm not really a fan of Farcebook, but I just added a Farcebook page so I can give a heads up from time to time. Don't expect daily posts, though.


I found out that cramming four sets in a small parcel is not appriciated by the postal services and had to pay additional fees every time. Shipping is now as follows:

Shipping within the EU:
$10 for one or two sets
Up to 8 sets is $15
12 sets are $20

Shipping worldwide:
$15 for one or two sets
Up to 8 sets is $25
12 sets are $35

Payment will only be thru PayPal.

Below are the four initial types that are offered for sale. Hopefully the "morale" version will follow. (As of 2018 I'm still hopefull, but cannot give any guarantees.)

None of the kits will contain any foodstuffs, cigarettes or matches.

K Ration kit Types

Click the photos of the kits below for more information and how to order.

The Hills Bros. Company kit, $10.

Hills Bros complete

"The Hills Bros. Company" Type II kit
(click photo for more information)

Patten Food Products kit, $12.

Patten Food kit

"Patten Food Products" Type IIIa kit
(click photo for more information)

The Cracker Jack Company kit, $12.

Cracker Jack kit

"The Cracker Jack Company" Type IIIa kit
(click photo for more information)

General Food Corporation kit, $12.

General Foods kit

"General Food Corporation" Type IIIb kit
(click photo for more information)

If you buy 12 kits of one type you only pay for ten kits!

All of these types are good for your "Normandy" impression and later operations as these older types were still in stock and issued along with the later introduced colored "morale" K Rations.

Inner and Outer Carton sets (12 sets)

The inner and outer cartons are also available separately, but are sold per dozen. (So you can fill that crate for display.)

You get 12 outer and/or inner cartons of the Breakfast unit,
12 outer and/or inner cartons of the Dinner unit,
and 12 outer and/or inner cartons of the Supper unit.

12 sets of the outer carton is $25
12 sets of the inner carton is $10

Hills Bros Patten Food

General FoodsCracker Jack

Shipping for 12 sets (a total of 36 outer cartons and/or 36 inner cartons) is $15 in the EU and $25 worldwide.

For ordering or questions use to the contact form below and send me an email.

Please include the country where you live for a shipping quote!  If there are any special request please ask.
If it is an order I will send you a reply with the total, including shipping, and once you agreed to the order I'll send you an invoice for payment thru PayPal.


These sets will only contain the inner and outer boxes and various packagings and wrappings for the contents. No foodstuff or cigarettes and matches will be included!
Each set will have the packagings and wrappings for its appropriate contents, so all sets will slightly differ from each other, just like the originals. Not claiming that it will be 100% correct, but it will sure beat the fantasy items offered on the internet elsewhere.

Lets have a look at some packagings and wrappings I have finished so far:

Repro Confections

Here's a collection of the confections that I have made so far: (clockwise) Assorted Charms hard candy; Fruit Bar; 2-ounce D-bar; Sweet Chocolate bar; Caramels; Choclettos; Malted Milk Dextose Candy.

Repro Fruit Bar kit

The Fruit Bar is quite easy to make actually.

You take some dried fruit (1) and chop that up.
Press the minced fruit into a block (2) of a size that will fit the dimensions of the folded greaseproof paper inlay (3).
Place the inlay with the fruit block in the tray (4) and over wrap twice with cellophane (5).

Repro Dextrose tablets

I know, these are not 100% correct.
I used the same die-cut as for the Caramels carton and based the label on photos of the AAF bail-out rations that also contained the Milk & Dextrose tablets.
Used with the Type II K Ration these are easy to fill and use.

Repro Choclettos

One of the often included confection of the mid war K Ration is the Choclettos. It is quite hard to find the right sized candy to fill these trays!
The kraftboard "Caramels" packaging will be included extra in the set for use as an alternative to the choclettos.

Repro Chocolate Bars

Here's that 2-ounce chocolate bar that goes with the Supper unit. These are of grease proof paper printed with black ink. They are the correct size and will fit the shorter D-bar or Sweet Chocolate Bar.

Shown is a mold I made from blue (food safe) two-component silicon putty that I molded around a model I made from plaster. from that mold I casted the chocolate bar.

Although you probably can find a chocolate bar that will fit, it will be worth it to make a mold yourself if you are planning on making more K Ration sets.
The model is made from a block of plaster sized 3 
1/8" long, 1 9/32" wide and 13/16" high, shaped with sanding paper. This block has slightly sloping sides with rounded ends and two serrations on the top.

Repro Sugar

Breakfast comes with four sugar tablets, so either Jack Frost or Dominos will be included. For dinner the 23 grams carton is used. Four blank sugar tablets wrappings will be included extra as an alternative for variety.

Repro Chewing Gum

Well, what can I say. The Chewing Gum wrappers are straight forward.
Three identical wrappers will be included with each set. The Type III K Rations will have one "cinnamon" wrapper included extra as an alternative.

waldorf tissue

Originally there are twelve sheets of 5" by 9" folded together (see "Non-Food Items" chapter), but any tissue folded together forming a tight package will do I guess.

Repro matches

These are the correct matchbook covers for the K Ration. All those fancy "V.D. Warning" or "Buy War Bonds" matches were not included in the K Rations.

My matchbook covers come with a genuine striker strip, not a glued-on piece of sanding paper. So you can really light that match. The matches, however, are not included.

The covers are shipped flat: Fold over the bottom on the crease. Fit in one row of ten matches (taken from a commercial matchbook) into the fold and staple through completely. Fold over the flap and you're done!

Can matches sleeve

The matches that are included with the Dinner unit are placed on top of the can before inserting the can in the sleeve. (Here illustrated with an original can.) The key (not included) is placed under the can when inserted in the sleeve.

Repro Old Gold

Smoke em if you've got em. Being a non-smoker I personally would rather fill these with a block of wood, but they do fit the filterless cigarettes.


Well, just added two new cigarette brands to the ration kits.
The Lucky Strike will go with the Cracker Jack kits and the Chesterfields are going to be included with the Patten Food kits.
Old Gold will still be included with the Hills Bros and General Food kits.

can sleeve 2

Here you can see how the cigarettes are tucked next to the can (inserted in its sleeve).
The brown color of the inner carton was created by coating the sealed inner carton first with a brown wood stain (varnish) and then coated with molten paraffin applied with a brush.

wax on wax off

Here's a recreation of the inner carton coating compared with an original inner carton.

First I coated the carton with a wood stain, light oak color. This is just aplied with a brush like you would do with wood. Let dry completely.
For a darker result use a darker color stain.

Secondly I aplied molten paraffin wax with a brush.
The hotter the wax, the better the results. Careful, don't burn yourself!

can sleeve 1

Here are the new can sleeves! Now available in both "early" and "late" version.
The nothched "early" type will be included with the Hills Bros and Patten Food kit.
The "late" type will be included with the Cracker Jack and General Food kit.

The sachets for the beverage powders will be adhesive (glossy) paper printed with the appropriate color and design that you will have to adhere onto a small mylar pouch (also included).
The early Lemonade and Bouillon envelopes are transparant sachets with a transparant sticker printed with instructions.

Below is shown what I have finished so far:

Lemon & Bouillon sachets

Here are the stickers for the early transparent sachets. One for the Bouillon powder and one for the Lemon Juice powder. The labels are sticked on the sachets, then filled with whatever you like and sealed with a hair straightener.
(Seal no longer then a split second or the sachet will deform!)

I used a whole package of the sugar free Kool Aid for the Lemon Juice powder.

Bouillon and Lemon powder

Bouillon powder late

The kit with the late Bouillon powder envelope contains a sticker with a perforation in the middle and a mylar pouch.
Fold the sticker on the perforation and remove half of the backing. Place the mylar pouch in the fold and press down, remove the other half of the backing and press down again.
Fill the pouch with bouillon powder (about a GI spoon full) and heat seal the pouch with a hair straightner. Careful, this is the tricky part.

Well, the same goes for the Soluble Coffee Product. Use soluble coffee instead of bouillon!

Nescafe early

Orange Juice Powder

An Orange Juice powder sachet to fill with your favorite Jim Jones drink.

Three large cellophane bags will be included to seal the components in before placing them in the inner carton.

Here's a quick guide what and how to pack in to the large cellophane bag. (I used original biscuits so that you get an idea what they should look like.) Click photos for larger images. The black object is the Hair Straightner used to seal the bag.

Breakfast: 4 tablets of Sugar, Fruit Bar, envelope of Soluble Coffee Product and two packages of Biscuits.

breakfast 1breakfast 2

Dinner: 1 package of 23 grams of Sugar (or 4 Sugar tablets), Confection, envelope of Lemon or Orange Juice Powder and 2 packages of Biscuits or 1 package of square Biscuits.

dinner 1a Dinner 2a

Supper: Sweet Chocolate Bar (or D-bar), envelope of Bouillon Powder and 2 packages of Biscuits. (Early Supper units contained 3 sugar tablets, these were later replaced with a package of toilet paper. The toilet paper was not sealed in the cellophane bag with the food components.)

supper 1 supper 2

I'm also working on Partial Dinner Units since they use the same components.


P.S. I have no idea where to find cans that will fit the K Rations. So, please check your local supermarket. Finding correct sized biscuits that will fit the K Ration will be a challenge too.