Solid Fiberboard Box

To complete your case of 12 rations (36 units) I have reproduced the box that is made of solid fiberboard. The label design is of a generic style that was used from late 1942 onwards.

creasing machine

The solid cardboard used is 2.5 millimeter thick and is of heavy quality. It is, however, not wheatherproof like the originals. A light coat with a clear matt varnish might make the box water resistant and more durable. This box can be used several times probably.

This box is printed and cut out mechanically and is then creased by hand using a machine specially designed by me. This gives the solid fiberboard its pronounced ridges on which to fold, just like the original ones. The corner is secured with glue and is reinforced with metal staples.

This box was tried fitting in several original wooden cases and did fit some (even with room to spare) but didn’t fit others due to dimensional differences of the original wooden cases. The best but tight fit was in a case with inside dimensions of 20.5 x 12 x 7.5 inch (approx. 52 x 30.5 x 19 cm).

You can make a wooden case slightly larger then the above mentioned dimensions, just 3 to 5 millimeters larger to be safe. However, before making the wooden case, I would recommend first to finish the K Ration units and placing these in the solid fiberboard box, then check the outer dimensions of the complete box.
I don’t make the wooden cases.

Price: €35

For ordering, please send an email to

Include the country you live in for a shipping estimate. I ship from the Netherlands.

box filled with k rations

36 units fit easily!

solid fiberboard box k rations

Placement of the labels. The connecting flap with metal stitches is at the far corner.

box label

Generic label with crescent placed on one end panel of the box. The oposite end is blank.

box makers certificate

Generic box certificate with V3s specifications placed sideways on one side panel of the box. The oposite side is blank.

Below are the staples in the connecting corner shown outside and inside. Note the heavy creasing.

staples out