10-in-1, 1st half

Five Partial Dinner Units, together with other cartons, were packed in a corrugated box labeled "First Half of Five Rations". Five 4-ounce cans containing either an egg product, cheese product, or a meat product were packed together with other cans in a solid fiber board box labeled "Second Half of Five Rations".

10-in-1, 2nd half

Two "First Half", and two "Second Half" boxes were packed together in a solid fiber board box enclosed with a solid fiber board sleeve. This is the 10-in-1 Ration.

This 10-in-1 Ration was designd to feed 10 men in the field without the aid of a field kitchen. Because it was packed on a double 5-ration basis it was possible to feed five men (like the crew from a M4 tank) at one time and leave the other five rations still packed in their protective packaging. The 10-in-1 Ration came in five different menu sets.

The Partial Dinner Units (hereafter PDU) that I have reproduced here are according the 10-in-1 Ration specifications as issued on March 1944. This means that the 10-in-1 Rations procured after this date are an improvement over the previous production runs of the 10-in-1 Rations. These new 10-in-1's probably showed up at the front lines in the summer of 1944.
The biggest difference from the previous 10-in-1's PDU's is that now all the beverages are of the fruit powder type. For more detailed info please read the "Partial Dinner Units" chapter.

PDU kits

The PDU's are numbered menu's #1 thru #5. One kit contains a set of five PDU cartons together with its corresponding wrappers for the contents of that particular menu. I do want to point out that the cans were handed out straight from the "Second Half" box and did not came in an individual carton. Those cartons sold on the internet are fantasy items!

The advantages of these kits is that they do not need to fit a can inside or need to be waxed, nor do they contain any cigarettes.

Partial Dinner Unit kit #1 (5 sets each) $12

  PDU 1 flat

Partial Dinner Unit kit #2 (5 sets each) $12

PDU 2 complete PDU 2 components PDU 2 flat

Partial Dinner Unit kit #3 (5 sets each) $12

PDU 3 complete PDU 3 components PDU 3 flat

Partial Dinner Unit kit #4 (5 sets each) $12

PDU 4 complete PDU 4 components PDU 4 flat

Partial Dinner Unit kit #5 (5 sets each) $12

PDU 5 complete PDU 5 components PDU 5 flat

Shipping within the EU:
$10 for up to 4 kits.

Shipping worldwide:
$15 for up to 4 kits

For more than 4 kits I need to check. Just let me know what you want and I'll get back to you with a shipping quote.
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