"General Food Corporation" Type IIIb kit

The General Food Corporation kit is of the K Ration type IIIb kind. This type was produced from Februari 1944 until May 1944, but was still in stock and issued until the end of the war. This composition is representive for its entire period.

General Food kit complete

Here's the complete "General Food Corporation" K Ration kit.
Only the biscuits and cans (with keys) are original, de rest is reproduction.

There are four extra blank sugar wrappers included. This will give you the choice to use either sugar tablets or a carton of granulated sugar with the Dinner unit.
A kraftboard carton for caramels is included if no suitable caramels can be found for the Choclettos tray.
In one of the units the Leafmint chewing gum can be substituted with a Cinnamon flavor chewing gum.
No cellophane sheets are included for overwrapping the fruit bar, Choclettos or cigarettes. No toilet tissue is included.

None of the kits will contain any foodstuffs, cigarettes or matches.

This kit only cost $12!
12 kits of the same type are only $120!

For ordering go to the contact form below and send me an email requesting which kit(s) you want and how many of these.
Please include 
the country where you live for the shipping quote!  If there are any special request please ask.I will send you a reply with the total, including shipping, and once you confirmed the order I'll send you an invoice for payment thru PayPal.

Shipping within the EU:
$10 for one or two sets (without track & trace)
Up to 8 sets is $20(with track & trace)
12 sets are $25 (with track & trace)

Shipping worldwide:
$15 for one or two sets (without track & trace)
Up to 8 sets is $30 (with track & trace)
12 sets are $40 (with track & trace)

Shown here in the photo below you can see what the components look like when assembled and filled.

General Food Corp kit new

The outer cartons are of the "tuck-in flaps" type. Although they can be carefully opened and reclosed, the flaps are of the locking type and opening will probably damage them. These boxes are designed for using them only once.
The inner cartons are uncoated and should be coated with wax once they are filled and sealed.

The outer and inner boxes and the components are shipped flat together.

This is how you will receive the unassembled components. Read the complete "Reproduction" chapter for tips how to fill these wrappers and packagings.
You will need glue for the wrappers and boxes, and a hair straightner for sealing the pouches. The matches only need a staple.

General Food kit flat

Here you can download a PDF file to print a simple "what goes where" instruction sheet for the General Food kit.

Download PDF